Timeless Pieces Part 4

Hello people, how have you all been doing? I hope you have been exploring your wardrobe and digging out those timeless fashion pieces.

Today is week 4 and the last of our series for this month. I am going to be looking at another fashion piece that is not a full body clothing but still relevant for our wardrobe nonetheless.

I present to you…drumroll please….lol


The Scarf!

Now, scarves used to be symbolic of religiosity before but it has now become much more than that. Having a nice silk scarf in your wardrobe is a wise fashion decision. It can serve in a number of ways.

For our series, as we have been doing, we will be looking at five looks that can be done for the five working days of the week. Of course, like I always say, what you can do is not limited to what we have here, you can always play around with your fashion pieces.

Okay, so first up we have the Monday look.


Here, we have our scarf tied round like a hair band with a nice bow in front giving us that cute and sweet look for a lovely start to the week. Your bow can be either to the left or to the right and in whatever size you want; but since we are using this for a Monday look, keeping it small and cute is best!

Next up is our Tuesday look.


Here, we also tied it round like a hair band but this time we took it to the back and just made it simple and without too much drama since we are still dealing with Semi Formal Tuesday.


For Midstyle Wednesday


we add up a little more drama by using the scarf to cover the whole hair and ending it with a nice twist ball in front. This look can also be done for a bad hair day or for that day that you are just tired of thinking how to pack the hair.

For Thursday….


We dress down so we just have a loose bun and use the scarf like a hair ruffle to just hold the hair together. You can see that is a very relaxed look as is Dress Down Thursday.

Up next is E’s Creations Friday!


So because we are all for creating and adding colour, we made a bow out of our scarf with the pop of colour using the coloured hair ring to pack our hair giving it that unique touch! There is no dulling on E’s Creations Friday o, no dulling at all!

Okay so there you have it. Our five scarf looks.

Please note that timeless pieces are not limited to just the four items we have looked at these past four weeks. There are others – like a good fitting jacket or blazer that can be worn over a gown (formal or informal); worn with a chiffon top over a skirt as HERE(LINK TO PART ), etc.

This series was just to show you that elegance is all about how you do it not just about shopping every weekend which you are now wondering how to do in this “Buhari” economy.

So get into your wardrobe and bring out your clothing items and see how you can bring out minimum ten new looks that you have not done before still with what you  have. For example, today I just had a new look. I had a gown on that I usually wear so simply and casually because of its nature; but today I discovered a jacket that gave it an entirely different look, and when I paired it with a pair of court shoes, I could as well be walking into a board meeting on a Monday morning! So this is the idea. Look in again and see what you can find.

I hope this series has been inspiring. Do not forget to post your pictures. You can do it here on our Instagram page – @es_creations and use the hashtag #timelesspiece.

Hope to see you next month for more creative and colourful posts.


Timeless Pieces Part 3





Hello people, happy new week.


Okay, so this week I decided to talk about a timeless piece that is not body clothing. Timeless pieces are all about fashion items in your wardrobe that can serve you in variety of ways. So today we are going to look at a timeless accessory – Pearl Necklace!


This is a major necessity in every woman’s jewelry box as it can be used both as a formal accessory and non-formal. It can also give you a classy and royal look if used rightly.


It is one accessory that can be played around with for many outfits, especially if you happen to have it in varying sizes and styles. I am sure you still remember my Monday Formal Look from last week’s post. If you have not read that post, you can access it here.


Okay, so here we go for our five days of the week look.


For Monday


 Here we have the very formal look using our double layered mini length pearl necklace on our corporate blazer worn over a matching inner camisole giving us that Monday morning sharpness.


Next up is



On Tuesday, we are still scheduled for some meetings with clients, so we adorn our pearl necklace beneath the collars of our crisply ironed shirt, paired with a formal skirt and pumps.


For midstyle Wednesday


We drop the suits and shirts but still go for a formal gown and adorn our pearl necklace with it with a lovely smile to boot.





 Dress down Thursday sees us pairing our necklace with a casual sleeveless gown but still making it office compliant by adorning underneath a sleeved inner camisole.


And finally we have….



Thank God it’s Friday and this deep blue lace attire gets a touch of colour with the pearls making the outfit not look so toned down.


So there you have it – our 5 timeless accessory looks! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us and follow us on instagram – @es_creations.


See you next week for our final piece.


Timeless Pieces Part 2



Last week, we started this series of fashion must haves every woman should have in her wardrobe that never runs out of fashion and is particularly helpful now that you are worried about the high prices of everything. Just in case you missed it, head over here  to do so.

Now, we talked about jeans and some people are like their office environment does not allow for jeans. So today, we are going to look at a fashion must have clothing item that can be worn in any work environment.

Introducing …..


The Chiffon Blouse

Now this is one clothing item that is very useful. Remember, that we are going to present five looks that can go for the five working days of the week. Note that these five looks do not represent the only ways you can change up these clothing. This is just to show you two things:

i)  That you can have from one outfit, different looks and

ii) To inspire you to recreate elegance from what you have and make people wonder how you are looking so cool in these “times”.

Alright, so here we go. First up is Monday and we have…..


I particularly love the white trousers as it gives you this cool and calm feel making you less wary of all the Monday Board meetings and reports. (Don’t mind my odd belt look there).Note that you can always do this look with a black trouser if you do not have white. In this case the white really sets off the dark tones of the blouse. (If I were to wear this with a black trouser, I may choose to wear it on a Tuesday.

Next up is Tuesday and we have …


Here we pair it up with this lovely cream designed skirt.  Somebody is already thinking that where do I get this kind of skirt from? Just raid your wardrobe! Am sure there is a skirt in there that can go well with that your chiffon blouse. It will interest you to know that mine right here is from a two piece suit! You can see that the skirt is not green or floral green or anything green related but it goes perfectly well with the blouse. It can be long or short. The style of the skirt and how you wear it will actually determine on which day to use it for. Mine here is formal hence my using it on this day. (It can suit Monday also very well). Also here I have on a black heels but I happen to have cream colored heels which I usually use with this attire as it blends too. 

Midstyle Wednesday is next.

1487024669037Now I know some people would think that the jacket should be for Monday but remember is all about your own elegance and style. But anyway, this jacket did not give me the fitting I liked so I chose it for Wednesday. Were it to give me that very nice fitting I want, I can incorporate this look for Monday – and then I will wear pearls and use heels. You can always use the jacket over it for Monday.

Dress Down Thursday comes next!


So we decided to let the top not be tucked in today, but leave it out. However, so as not to look too casual, we clinched it with a belt and a neck accessory. (Looking at this now, I think I prefer it for Wednesday. What do you think?)

And thank God it’s Friday!


You know at E’s Creations we like colour right? So I paired this up with this beautiful coloured Ankara skirt and colourful red wedge to match ready to add colour to my weekend! Are you too?

So there you have it! Remember to comment showing us your own timeless piece and how you vamped it up.

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Timeless Pieces



There she stands in front of her wardrobe wondering to herself “Hmmmm, recession, Buhari, Dollar hike, etc., how does all these help my wardrobe this new year? What do I do?”

These are the same thoughts probably running through a lot of ladies minds this New Year what with all the economic downturn noise and uproar going on. There is one secret to all of this however….



Yes! Whether you agree to the above or not, it is actually the truth. It is not always about getting a new dress but more of how you wear what you have whether old or new, combined with how you carry yourself wearing it. Hence the title of this blog post.

By Timeless pieces or Fashion Must Haves, I am referring to fashion pieces or clothes that are never out of fashion, not bound by times or seasons. You can use them no matter the “fashion season”.

So in this series, for the next 4 weeks of this month, we will be looking at four of such timeless pieces or must haves that every woman must have in their wardrobe (and am sure that you also have in yours), that can serve you in more ways than one and one that never runs out of fashion but can always be repurposed in several elegant ways hence making it a timeless piece.


For this  Timeless Piece series, we will look at five different ways you can wear your timeless piece or fashion must have each to go for a different day of the week.

For this weeks’ series, we will be looking at Jeans!

You saw that one coming right?

Yep, like Dianna Vreeland said:


Now there are various types of jeans- skinny, boyfriend, etc. but our concern today is not with that. We are just focusing on different ways you can wear your jeans. Every woman should have a nice and comfortable pair of jeans in her wardrobe.

Alright, so first off, we have the Monday Formal Look.


Breeze into your office Monday morning with an air of confidence and work smartness ready to jumpstart the week adorned in this fun but formal jeans timeless ensemble. Pair your jeans with a nice inner blouse and a formal jacket to give you that air of professionalism and don’t forget to tote your formal toned down bag.


Second we have the Semi Formal Tuesday.


Because it is still early on in the week and we still have some business meetings scheduled, we pair up our jeans with a formal shirt tucked in with a nice floral scarf round the neck to give us that look and feel of formality.


For Wednesday which is the middle of the week, you’ve passed the first two “serious” days and you are getting somewhat close to the two “unserious” days of the week so it’s a blend of “serious” and “unserious” or ’formal’ and ‘informal’. You wear a simple breezy blouse but the heels still give you that serious look.


On Thursday we are almost at the end of the week and can begin to relax a bit. Still maintaining an air of professionalism, we go for a shirt. However, we dress it down by leaving it untucked and going with a pair of flats.


Of course Thank God it’s Friday and seeing that this post is coming from the stables of E’s Creations, we pair our  jeans up with a nice Ankara top adding colour with the hawt red heels, no dulling!



And there you have it! Your five looks for your jeans timeless piece.

Now go back to your wardrobe and see which look you will pick out for this week. You can share your pictures with us.


See you next week for Part Two!